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Off Shoulder Blouse Outfit - Pesci Moda Review

Hi lovelies! Recently, I've been buying a lot of blouses as I don't have tops. I've always been a fan of long-sleeved tops, and wanted to try some off-shouldered ones as they're modest yet chic at the same time. I found a lovely shop called Pesci Moda, a little boutique selling unique pieces that I've never seen online before. And when I mean I've never seen them, I really mean it as I'm a huge shopaholic and have probably seen everything there is to see! 

Boutique stores have been my latest crush lately, as they're always unique and interesting to shop at. For example, Pesci Moda stocks a small variety of tops which I haven't seen anywhere before, including their off-shouldered casual shirt (below) which I ended up buying. Most of their items are affordable and trendy, and come in Small, Medium and Large sizes. 

When I received the shirt, I was expecting something flimsy and creased. Instead, I got a beautiful blue shirt with a nice waist-tie and also stroppy shoulders. It wasn't crinkly and it was really smooth to touch. It's not made from the thickest material, so it can be a bit light to touch. However, it's not see-through. Overall, the quality was quite good, though I would say that the straps are a little bit small when I put the top on. I'd have preferred it to be a bit wider. Also there were some loose threads on the shirt.
Overall, I'd say that their shop is quite good and has a wide variety of clothing. However, be careful of sizing, as some of the items may be too small or too big. I still love my top though, and it looks great with a skirt or jeans in the summer! 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017  | Blog By Fantail Flo

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