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We have been traveling so much this year and it has been on my New Year’s Resolution list to travel more. There was a time in my life (primarily in college) where I would travel to Europe every chance that we had. Since graduating, moving to Charleston, and starting to work a full-time job, traveling to Europe doesn’t happen as often. However we still do a hefty bit of traveling each weekend. Instead of faraway European cities, we are always traveling to new cities surrounding Charleston or visiting the the Caribbean since it’s so close! 

Since we are gone most weekends, you can imagine how difficult it is to pack for only two days! You have to pack your swim suit, clothes to sight see in, and clothes to go out in. That’s not even counting your shoes, makeup, hair styling equipment, or any other necessities you may need! That’s why years ago I started applying the minimalist theory to my weekend getaway bag. So today I’m going to show you how to pack for a weekend trip! 

Be Realistic 

If you’re only going away for 2 days, you don’t need to bring 6 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, and everything else in between. When we packed for the Dominican Republic (shown below), I could fit everything I needed for an 8 day trip in a carry on bag. That’s right. Everything for 8 days, including my wedding outfit, in a carry on suitcase. 

Now that’s packing right! 

If you’re going away for only 2 days, I recommend packing things that you can easily mix and match and won’t wrinkle easily. 

Consider Your Activities

PesciModa Blog - Black Two Piece Swimsuit

What you’ll be doing will dictate what you’ll need to pack. If you’re off on a fun beach weekend, of course you’ll primarily need a swim suit, sunscreen, a cover up, and a simple dress or shorts. Easy! Which if you need a suggestion for a great swim suit, this one above from Pesci Moda is one of my go to’s for weekend trips. It’s simple, looks great, and black always looks good on me! If you’re going from the beach to a cabana bar, just slip on a skirt and the top can double as a crop top!

Flat Lay

PesciModa- Woman's Bikini Set Blog

If you’re like me, I really love putting together flat lays of my outfits before packing. This enables me to truly see how each of my outfits will look and what I absolutely must have and what I can leave at home. Another tip is to only pack those items that you truly love and will wear while away. 

Minimize Beauty Products

One thing that helps me lessen my beauty load is whether or not I’m staying with friends or a hotel. Why? Because they’ll have a hair dryer! Hair dryers are bulky and hard to pack around. Not having to pack one considerably frees up space in my bag. What makeup you bring will also determine where you are going and the activities you’ll be doing. Whenever we go to the beach, I rarely wear anything but mascara and eyeliner. In contrast, if we are attending a wedding, I’ll be packing more! Keep everything you need in a simple bag so you don’t loose any items as you travel. You can catch our DIY makeup bag here.

What are your favorite things to pack for a weekend? Do you have a set list of items that you always bring? Let me know in the comments below!